T+A introduce P 3100 HV preamplifier

T+A (Theory and Application) has added to it HV series with the launch of the P 3100 HV preamplifier.

Based on its successful predecessor (P 3000 HV), the P 3100 HV looks no different, but beneath the aluminium casing, an entirely re-designed circuit board layout brings improved performance against the P 3000 HV. 

Firstly, it has a new digital power supply which is stronger and better shielded and the toroidal transformer has been increased to 115 VA. 


In the previous model, the input and output stages were coupled to the relay volume control and high-quality capacitors. The very complex circuit board layout of the P 3100 HV eliminates the need for these coupling capacitors, refining the signal path between the input stage, volume control and output stage. 

The preamplifier is also voltage and temperature stable and all the electronics are housed in a well-made chassis and cover. All these features deliver significant sound improvements.

The P 3100 HV is a high-end preamplifier and has a discrete, fully symmetric construction to be aesthetically pleasing and to fit in with any high-end sound system. 

Available from specialist audio retailers during May, the P 3100 HV has an SRP of £12,690 / €13,500 / $19,500.

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