Global Cache and iRidium Announce Availability of the Global Cache Control Tower Cloud-Based IR Database of Audio/Video Equipment

Software Developer Delivers iRidium 2.2 with Full Support for the new IR Database and Global Cache Connectivity Hardware.

Software Developer Delivers iRidium 2.2 with Full Support for the new IR Database and Global Cache Connectivity Hardware. Global Cache, the leading independent manufacturer of WiFi and network enabling connectivity products for the control and automation market, and iRidium Ltd., creators of the iRidium software package for controlling automation systems and any Audio/Video equipment, announced today the availability of Global Cache's Control Tower, the first free cloud-based IR database of Audio/Video equipment. The strategic alliance agreement, signed in December 2012, provides users with IR codes and codesets allowing for easier setup of Audio/Video equipment and integration due to the common use of the companies' respective products. Global Cache's products connect almost any electrical device throughout a home and business to a WiFi and IP network so it can be controlled, automated, and maintained by network-based software. The company offers other connectivity products and capabilities, including IR learning, IR receivers, and sensors, that can be connected to a network. Global Cache devices are designed to work with other standards based products. iRidium Ltd., headquartered in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, offers control and automation software engineered to run on iOS, Android, Windows 7/8 or MacOS devices. iRidium software supports KNX, Crestron, AMX, Audio/Video equipment (IR, RS232), and other devices. The last software version iRidium 2.2, released in October 2014, offers the possibility to use any control panels, built-in iRidium scripts, striking graphic capabilities which include ready interfaces, animation, notification, and more. "We've worked with iRidium for quite some time," said Robin Ford, Global Cache VP of Business Development, "and we're excited about their new iRidium 2.2 release which includes some great new features that add significant versatility and capability. Their software is closely integrated with our hardware and provides connectivity to other protocols as well, including KNX, Crestron, and others. It's a great overall solution." iRidium's CEO, Sergey Korolev, added, "This is an important step in the development of our partnership. Our customers have been asking for a larger and more convenient IR database for a while. We've worked closely with our partner, Global Cache, and now we're happy to announce that a new IR database is available. So at present in the A/V market iRidium provides support of all Global Cache devices, preconfigured commands and feedback from Global Cache sensors and a larger IR database, where search goes by actual models of A/V equipment. This is what our partners and customers have asked for, and we're now shipping it."