Habitech adds StormAudio to portfolio of luxury cinema brands

UK distributor, Habitech has announced a partnership with StormAudio to distribute the brand’s cinema processing and amplification technology.

Established in 2006, StormAudio sits at the high-end of cinema design. Its collaboration with Auro Technologies in the early stages of development of immersive audio playback allowed StormAudio’s design team to take object-based audio processing to a new level, maximising the impact of today’s diverse immersive formats within the luxury cinema space.

StormAudio’s proprietary circuit topology runs on multiple DSP chips dedicated to key stages in the processing path designed to produce immersive sound quality to please audiophiles. The technology also has powerful post-processing, including Dirac Live, for optimal in-room performance.

In 2017, the company launched its iconic ‘ISP MK I’ 16-channel modular processor, embarking on OEM partnerships with other audiophile cinema brands before releasing the reference ‘ISP MK 2’ 24-channel modular processor in 2020, following by the compact ‘ISP Core 16’ processor this year.

Supported by its PA 16 MK2 and PA 8 Ultra MK2 200W/16/8 channel amplifiers, StormAudio’s processors are upgradeable through hardware modularity and easy software updates. It is also popular for its intuitive setup, powerful and flexible calibration options (including support for Dirac Live up to 32 channels, Dirac Live’s Bass Control and SA’s flexible EQ and bass management capabilities) and comprehensive control options available through iOS and Android apps, TCP/IP based control API and control system integration.

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