HIGH END Munich moves to September 2021

HIGH END 2021, originally scheduled to take place mid-May next year, has been moved to 9-12 September in the hope that it will give it a better chance of going ahead safely.

Organisers were forced to cancel the show this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The HIGH END SOCIETY SERVICE GmbH, organisers of HIGH END has decided to move next year’s show in hopes to successfully relaunch the trade show and also increase planning reliability for all parties involved.

“We are gaining four months, which will provide our clients from outside of Germany in particular with more time to reliably plan their participation,” said managing director, Stefan Dreischärf. 

Although organisers have received continuous bookings since announcing the show would happen in May, they have also received a number of concerned enquiries from trade show participants expressing their growing concerns regarding the significant increase in Covid-19 cases worldwide. 

Strict travel and quarantine requirements are also causing exhibitors from abroad in particular to hesitate given that they cannot yet foresee when these restrictions will be lifted. 

The recent news of a possible vaccine has filled organisers with hope, though. “In light of this positive prospect, there’s every reason to believe that the effects of an immunisation will be much more prominent in the late summer of 2021 than in May,” added Dreischärf. “We therefore expect that by then, virtually no more limitations will apply to international travel.”

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