Integrators can experience DbM Live!

At the end of March, integrators are invited to discover and learn about DbM’s product and service offerings.

DbM Live!, which is being held on Thursday 26th March at Meridian Audio’s headquarters in Cambridgeshire, UK, will present a showcase of innovative products, technology and professional services from the DbM partner brands.

With product demonstrations and hands-on workshops, DbM Live! will cover all its partner brands. It will feature the latest range of projectors from Barco Residential, bespoke projection screens from Display Technologies, acoustical treatment system design from Complete Acoustic Treatment System (Complete-ATS), high resolution sound solutions from Meridian Audio, and the unique glass and aluminium speaker range from Waterfall Audio. 

Experts from each brand will be at the event to give attendees a better understanding of what is on display and live demonstrations in Meridian’s dedicated Digital Reference Theatre. 

A new, updated media room will also be unveiled at the event, which features solutions from DbM partnering brands, allowing attendees to experience the full range of products and solutions on offer in a dedicated space. 

As well as learning about DbM’s product offering, visitors will also gain an insight into the DbM Design and Specification Service (D&SS), a complimentary solution that enables installers to design the perfect installation as efficiently and accurately as possible. It features solutions from all DbM partners, providing a bespoke, tailored solution for any project, regardless of room size or budget. 

DbM Live! will take place from 10am until 3pm on Thursday 26th March at Meridian Audio’s HQ. Attendees can register for the event here.