Is Apple making plans to be a one-stop TV/music/news shop?

Rumours are rife that Apple could be on the verge of creating a TV, music and news subscription bundle, fuelled by a huge $1bn investment.

The streaming service market is getting a little crowded these days.

This month has not only seen the launch of YouTube Music as the music platform steps it up a notch to take on Spotify, but word is Apple are making plan to bundle in its music and video services with a news service that gives customers access to 200+ magazines as part of the monthly fee.

Apple’s acquisition of Netflix-esque magazine service, Texture, happened fairly under the radar back in December 2017, but now it’s gaining lot more attention as Apple’s potential plans become more apparent.

The move won’t come cheap, however. Apple is reportedly pumping a cool $1 billion (€860 million) into creating the bundled service (also incorporating Apple Music and "original" video programming, apparently alongside other news content).

There’s no confirmation on the release of an Apple bundle at the moment, but with such a service not short of rivals like Amazon Prime packed with actual original content, its best to not cancel your Prime or Netflix subscription just yet.

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