KNX Secure Roadshow ’“ Events all over the world!

Security for your smart home and smart building brought to you by KNX

Hacked smart home installations can put the inhabitants in danger. Critical functions, such as alarm and monitoring can be bypassed and burglars have easy access to you homes. So how can you protect your home and also your family from possible threats?

The answer is as obvious as it is easy: “Encryption”. Same as locking your home with a key, encryption algorithms have been proven to make your smart home inaccessible for unauthorised access. AES encryption has been proven to be so secure that it was approved as a worldwide ISO standard for encryption.

In 2016, this encryption standard also found its way to KNX, offering now the new KNX Secure with double protection for smart homes and smart buildings. Thanks to KNX IP Secure and KNX Data Secure, your smart home can be as secure as a bank’s vault.

Sounds great! – Where can I learn more?

Security is the currently most important topic, when it comes to smart homes and buildings. Not only does the smart installation have an effect on your daily life, it also has an impact on a building’s value. So learning about the highest possible security methods is imperative to all, from the home owner, to the integrator, all the way to the solution provider!

Thanks to the support of various partners, the KNX Secure Roadshow is looking at more than 30 events all over the world! This allows everybody to visit and meet specialists from this field and have all questions answered via presentations as well as individual discussion. A list of all events with the according registrations links will be found on the KNX Secure Roadshow website.

Can’t attend an event? – No problem!

Although face-to-face discussions are the best possible way to learn and discuss, sometimes it just is not possible to attend one event. But no worries – The KNX Secure Roadshow is coming to your home too.

KNX Association as well as various partners hold their events online, so that you can enjoy the comfort of your current home, learn more about smart homes and buildings from your sofa, and get started with transforming your home to a smart home, which makes the participation of upcoming online KNX events even more comfortable. Have a look at the KNX Secure Roadshow Website and register for your event.

Seats are limited

Events near you or online – All seats are limited, so do not miss the unique chance to learn how to shift your house to the secure side. Stay tuned and register here to take one of the highly demanded seats for the event near you.

Do you still have questions? If so, do not hesitate to contact Christian Stahn, KNX Association.