KNX Secure Roadshow ’“ Get all information about smart home security

Security for smart homes and smart buildings – How can I easily learn more about this topic?

How can you be sure to have taken all according measurements to prevent anyone to access your smart house and smart building? – Easy: Join the KNX Secure Roadshow at various events until the 30 November!

Strangers opening your doors, burglar deactivating your alarm, or the simple computer virus, which switches off all lights in case of emergency. These are only few of the scenarios, which make many people doubt about investing in a smart home. But how justified are those worries? As most of us, who are considering to invest in their first smart home, the KNX Secure Roadshow is offering you the best possible opportunity to have all doubts and fears eradicated. And the best: Participation is totally free of charge.

The Agenda covers a brought spectrum from the

  • Need for higher security
  • Currently available security mechanisms
  • And the revolution in security for smart homes and smart buildings: KNX Secure

Brought to you by industry experts, technology providers and installers, the KNX Secure Roadshow will feature the latest security developments for smart homes and smart buildings.

For whom is the KNX Secure Roadshow for, and where can I find all information?

No matter if you are interested in smart homes, because you want to own one, or you want to make them your profession, the events offer full insights into this topic for everybody.

Already more than 25 events are part of the KNX Secure Roadshow, from Europe, via Asia, all the way to Australia – KNX Secure will be the focussed topics of upcoming high-class events, which will answer all your individual questions about smart homes and smart buildings. With new events being registered each week, the KNX Secure Roadshow will also come to your area and help you to make security the least of your worries when it comes to smart homes.

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Where can I find all events and more information? – The KNX Secure Roadshow Website has all you need in order to find the event closest you

All KNX Secure events can be found on the “KNX Secure Roadshow Website”. Newly scheduled events will be announced right away, so having a regular check is highly recommended. But the KNX Secure Roadshow website does not only allow you to find events near you, it also gives you exclusive access to interactive webinars, held by international speakers. And in case you cannot make it to one of your desired webinars, you can still get access to recordings, slides and videos! Visit now

Register now and take your chance to win one of the special prizes

All visitors of the KNX Secure Roadshow events will have the chance to participate in a special lottery, in which you can win software licences as well as further prizes! Seats are limited, so visit, register for your preferred event and join now, before you miss your chance.

The KNX Secure Roadshow – because security should be your least worry when it comes to your smart home!

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