LG catering to both physical and virtual audience at CES 2022

LG Electronics is planning a new approach for CES 2022 in order to engage audiences both physically and virtually when experiencing LG’s latest technology innovations.

Taking its usual location at the exhibition, a 22,000-sqft booth at the main entrance to the Central Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Centre, CES will be the global launchpad for a number of new LG products.

Utilising both virtual and augmented reality, LG will seamlessly connect visitors from the physical space to LG’s virtual experience. Constructed of upcycled, recycled and recyclable materials, the welcoming space will feature a series of kiosks where visitors can experience LG’s products and how it will fit in with their life.

Using QR codes, visitors can take a self-guided tour navigating through the physical experience and interacting with LG’s consumer electronics and home appliance products via AR. Other kiosks will feature immersive VR digital art including LG’s immersive curved OLED video walls. Virtual audiences from around the world will be able to access the same content and participate digitally in the LG CES experience.

LG has also been named as an official CES technology partner for the press rooms and member lounges which will feature LG OLED TVs.