LG hopes to replace lightbulbs with OLED lamps

Forget selling some of the most highly regarded (and thinnest) TVs and home appliances, like most tech giants, dominating in one arena is not enough, and LG hopes its latest application of its OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) technology may just make screwing in a lightbulb a thing of the past.

Next year LG plan to start selling its flexible OLED lamps as it ramps up its focus on smart lighting. Offering the flexibility piece of paper, the product will be aimed at everyday consumers looking to bring a bit of individuality and shape to the lighting in their home.

large structure of LG flexible LG lamp with black borderThe Korea-based manufacturer showed a whole host of different-sized and shaped OLED lamps last week at London Design Junction – although some were just prototypes. A commercial as well as residential offering, and LG is currently testing its “Flexible and Rigid” LG OLED light panels at a newly opened Baskin Robbins Brown Store in Seoul.

The lamps can work without heat and can be deployed on almost any scale.

Developing flexible technology is of course nothing for LG, who behind the scenes it’s also working on perfecting what will likely be the one of the world’s first “rollable” TVs, as part of its renewed investment (recently doubled to a cool $7 billion) it expanding the reach of its OLED technology.

Watch LG's OLED lamp technology undergo the "hammer test" below.