LG’s 8K OLED TVs could be arriving next summer

In case Samsung launching its 8K QLEDs wasn’t exciting enough, LG is reportedly gearing up to launch its first 8K OLED TV next year.

LG’s 8K OLED TV could be arriving as early as June 2019, providing competition for recently launched Samsung 8K HDR QLED TV line, according to news fresh out of Seoul.

“We plan to begin mass production of 8K OLED panels in May next year”, said LG Display’s vice chairman, Hang Sang, at a recent local trade show. This has since been solidified by an official from the company hinting to local news source, Aju Business Daily, that it is preparing for a planned launch month of June 2019.

Chan admitted although companies are shouting about all things 8K, the reality is that the content isn’t fully there to be take advantage of yet; “At present, there is not much 4K content and upscaling is being done.”

He added: “Consumers are only just getting used to 4K and it's a problem that affects all 8K TV manufacturers, not just LG.”

It is likely that the upcoming TV(s) will incorporate some form of upscaling technology, which many have lauded as Samsung’s 8K QLED TVs standout feature ahead of more higher resolution content becoming available to enjoy.

Of course, some eagle-eyed attendees caught a brief glimpse of an 88-in 8K OLED TV prototype at IFA 2018 in Berlin before it was removed from the stand in mysterious circumstances. Let’s hope the manufacturer is less shady about the proposed June launch date for its foray into 8K…

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