Loewe intros personalised TV audio service

TV manufacturer Loewe wants to change stereotypes of standalone TVs offering poor audio (unless maybe it’s the Sony AF8 or AF9) with its new service.

Loewe may not be the biggest culprit when it comes to poor TV sound (thanks to its built-in soundbars), but it still wants to do something about the issue on both its existing and future TVs.

The free service from the German company has been created in partnership with sound personalisation specialists Mimi Hearing Technologies to improve TV sound.

Mimi’s technology, ‘Defined’ sound software, works to specifically tailor a TVs audio performance to individual tastes and needs – including age. This is done via algorithms which form a profile for the user based on data from over a million anonymous Mimi Hearing Test results and analyse audio content in real time and adjust it to individual hearing sensitivity in accordance with age. Previously just available on headphones, this is the first time ever this has come to TV speakers.

Mimi affirms that for the optimal listening experience when watching TV, the volume of individual frequencies in the sound must be adapted to an individual’s listening capabilities, but if it’s not your bag, TV owners can simply set their own settings or turn it off completely if they prefer.

The technology is available on Loewe TVs including the bild 3 and above via its latest software upgrade.

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