momit Launches Smart Thermostats in the UK

Spanish energy company momit has launched its smart thermostats in the UK.

Available in two versions—Home Thermostat and Smart Thermostat—the units offer full functionality including geo-localisation, presence and self-learning.

The intelligent momit Home Thermostat offers an attractive display which provides thermal information. It aims to reduce energy bills up to 30% and be a “smart home helper”, can be controlled manually or remotely with a smart device, while offering a range of functionalities found in the most advanced smart thermostats.

momit Home Thermostat detects when people are at home, learns from end-user habits and estimates consumption. It continuously monitors the thermal behaviour of the home, and learns, for example, how sunlight affects it, how it is cooled and how the temperature changes according to the inhabitants’ routines.

Knowing when the heating goes on and taking the weather and outside temperature into consideration, momit Home Thermostat is able to estimate energy costs in the current month and set limits for the upcoming month.

Through the momit Home Thermostat App’s My Budget function, consumers can optimise temperature in order to reduce costs without sacrificing comfort. The unique app function allows users to set a heating budget and limits, saving money on energy bills.

The momit home thermostat is normally fixed in place replacing the existing thermostat. By adding the optional momit Extension Kit at £29, the thermostat connects wirelessly and can be moved anywhere in the home. The momit Extension Kit also enables multi-zone monitoring allowing the addition of multiple home thermostats in different rooms.

For more features, momit also offers the momit Smart Thermostat – it connects via Wi-Fi; measures temperature and humidity of the home; has a presence sensor; controls heating, air conditioning, underfloor heating; offers a touch screen LCD display with six different display modes and a light sensor; is compatible with iOS and Android; offers stylish curved and ridged edges and fonts that are closer to someone’s handwriting; and installation can be done in less than five steps. It retails for £149.00.

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