Samsung is turning off TVs to try and sell new ones

As part of a new UK campaign, Samsung has taken a bold move to pretend to turn its TVs of in a bid to highlight that most TVs are mere “ugly black screens” (and naturally, you should buy one of their new ones).

There are disruptive campaigns and then there is just annoying people – it’s a thin line and Samsung are treading it carefully.

As part of its latest strategy to boost QLED sales in the UK market, Samsung will effectively recreate the effect of turning TVs off around the country for the next 9 days (any more time and Samsung would probably be living dangerously…). This is all part of highlighting the Korean manufacturer’s recently developed ‘Ambient Mode’ technology featured in its new line-up.

Essentially, the much-hyped feature simulates the effect of a TV blending into the background when not in use (running off the SmartThings app) using little power and adapting to the surrounding light conditions.

ambient mode being demoed on two samsung 2018 QLED TVs via smartphone

Samsung had this to say on the matter in the response to some questioning its approach to competing with the likes of LG’s OLED TVs: “Screens will buzz with static and interference before going blank and entirely silent, leaving viewers staring into the void – or searching for their remote controls – for five long seconds. The darkness ends… then explains the virtues of Samsung QLED technology which has an 'ambient' mode meaning viewers need never see a blank screen again."

The campaign will run across 200 slots during popular shows like The Simpsons and British soap Coronation Street as part of an 18-channel rollout, and even will come to Piccadilly Circus and cinema screens around the country prior to showings of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story.’

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