MOON provides extra protection to global distributors and customers

Audio company, MOON is providing its global distributors with special face masks to protect them and their customers now that they are back up and running again.

The unique MOON masks are practical and comfortable to wear for long periods of time and feature hand-stitched branding across the front. The effort is to encourage customers to visit distributors again while feeling as safe as possible. 

For customers who do not yet wish to visit hi-fi showrooms, MOON is producing a range of enhanced marketing materials to demonstrate the capabilities of its performance audio products. Its latest video features the award-winning all-in-one ACE music system. 

Attempting to further engage with its customers, MOON has also run a series of Facebook Live video product demos followed by interactive Q&A sessions. They are hosted from the broadcast facility in its HQ and have been popular with both owners and prospective purchasers who are keen to know more about MOON products. 

“I am delighted that our global network of distributors is back in action and I am glad that they like our special MOON masks,” said Etienne Gautier, MOON’s export sales manager. “We are doing all we can to ensure that our customers can continue to hear our products in a way that best suits them. Our masks will give confidence to those who do visit stores and our new ACE video will give information to those who are not yet ready to return.”

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