NDI unveils update to video over IP technology

NDI, a video over IP technology brand which is part of the Vizrt Group, has released its most significant update since its introduction in 2015 to support those working from home.

NDI version 4.5 further advances its capabilities for transferring video, audio and metadata in real time across standard and wireless Ethernet networks to include breakthroughs in mobile phone connectivity, wireless networking, augmented and virtual reality environments, and more. 

This update comes at a crucial time as everyone is socially distancing and staying at home and the need for video over IP has never been more needed. Content creators are only able to work together through IP networks and software-defined visual storytelling (SDVS), which is the mission that has always driven NDI.

Mobile support
With esports continuing to grow and more than 50% of online gamers using mobile devices, there is a need to bring the game from a smart phone into streaming software favoured by gamers. 

In response to this, NDI 4.5 adds support in iOS for rela-time, full frame rate, and resolution capture of the display on wireless with NDI|HX Capture for iOS. 

An additional feature, the NDI|HX Camera for iOS app turns any iPhone into a full 4K wireless camera, giving it the same capabilities as a high-end video camera.

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Dr. Andrew Cross, president of research and development for the Vizrt Group said: “No other IP technology for video production can translate to mobile phones because NDI is software-defined, not hardware-constrained. 

“The NDI|HX mode for high-efficiency low bandwidth data transfer gives anyone with an iOS phone the ability to screen capture games and deliver it to any NDI-enabled multi camera live production system.”

Internet and wireless use
NDI 4.5 expands on capabilities for internet use and use on wireless devices. The update demonstrates huge improvements to NDI|HX, with lower latency, full support for (multi) GPU decoding acceleration, and support for the most advanced compression formats available today.  

“We chose to integrate NDI|HX for the newest Mevo camera because of its low latency, quality and the ecosystem of integrated video switchers which can now use Mevo Start as a wired or wireless source,” explained Max Haot, CEO, Mevo.

In partnership with Epic Games, the NDI SDK for Unreal Engine adds full support for video inputs and outputs over IP. This enables a new generation of augmented reality and virtual reality video products for integration into games and more. 

Free to download, the NDI SKD for Unreal Engine source code is also available so that developers can customise their content creations. 

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Andy Blondin, senior product designer for broadcast at Epic Games explained: “The market innovation provided by the NDI SDK for Unreal Engine is unlocking new potential for Unreal Engine developers and how they will work with video from now on.”

Unlimited IP recording
The update also offers unlimited IP recording, with Adobe Premiere plugins both for real-time NDI and working with time-locked ISO recording across multiple streams. 

This takes NDI streams from the networks and stores them on a disk with no CPU usage, allowing users to record any number of streams to disk and extend this to multiple machines for almost infinite recording capabilities. 

Embedded encoding and decoding
For embedded systems, NDI 4.5 introduces the latest version of the embedded NDI SDK, offering full FPGA support for both NDI encoding and decoding. 

Additionally, there is support across almost all platforms for access to the compressed data streams, instant routing and more. For advanced development, embedded platforms and custom hardware needs, NDI fully provides the ability for developers to create amazing products. 

Neal Ni, senior marketing director at SWIT, spoke about how it is already using the update for its customers. “SWIT is about to release the world’s first Studio Monitor with NDI built-in. Broadcast quality 4K content is delivered to the screen with a single Ethernet cable thanks to the new decoding functionality in NDI 4.5. 

“SWIT is excited to provide a way for customers to update their computer monitor to a broadcast level video reference in their NDI system.” 

The NDI 4.5 SDK and NDI Tools are free downloads and are available now. 

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