Nest fully merges with Google ’“ CEO steps down

Nest has officially joined Google’s home division – good news for the company’s R&D, but bad news if you are the manufacturer’s CEO, Marwan Fawaz.

Smart camera specialist Nest has officially merged with its owner, Google, and will now sit in the tech powerhouse’s home devices development department. According to CNET, this move also sees Marwan Fawaz step down as its CEO.

It’s been all change at Nest of late, after the company merged with Google's hardware division six months ago and saw one of the manufacturer’s co-founders (Matt Rogers) leave shortly after.

Fawa and Rishi Chandra, vice president of Google’s home and living room team, have come out publically to state that the move will simplify the process of Google integrating sections of its AI and machine learning technology into Nest future products.

Word is that Fawaz will stay on in some capacity as an executive adviser, but internal sources claim staff were pushing for change at the top at the company. Watch this space for more news surrounding Nest’s reshuffle and further integration with other Google products and its AI technology as it looks to affirm its place in an increasingly crowded home security market. Don’t hold your breath on the price of Nest’s cloud recording service coming down, however…

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