Netflix installs new Meyer Sound Ultra Reflex & Sony’s Crystal LED pair

Meyer Sound recently announced its new patent-pending Ultra Reflex sound solution which has been paired with Sony’s Crystal LED displays for its initial launch. Netflix is the first to install the two technologies in its reference-level screening room and lab on its Los Angeles campus.

Designed to replicate both critical viewing and audio mixing as well as accommodate VIP screenings, the room features a 17-feet wide by 9-feet high HDR-capable 4K Crystal LED from Sony which is paired with the new Ultra Reflex solution.

The room features 37 self-powered Meyer Sound cinema loudspeakers, including HMS Series lateral and overhead surround loudspeakers supported by USW-210P subwoofers for surround bass management and X-400C cinema subwoofers with very low frequency control elements for bass management and LFE.

Netflix has already carried out demonstrations to some of Hollywood’s most respected sound professionals. Four-time Oscar nominated rerecording mixer, Jon Taylor said: “I was shown a clip from The Revenant. Having mixed this film only a few years ago, I was very aware of how the spatial dynamics should be represented, and I was absolutely blown away by the quality of sound and picture.

“Afterwards, they played Enola Holmes and Dumplin’ which are Netflix films that I mixed more recently. Again, I was amazed at the quality and warmth, sonically and visually. When the lights came up, I was shocked to learn that Sony solid screen was actually reflecting the audio from the Meyer Sound speakers that were right above my head. I had no idea they weren’t behind the screen.”

Similarly, Will Files, rerecording mixer and sound supervisor for Stranger Things and Sol Levante added: “To be honest, I was a bit sceptical, having heard other various attempts at this type of thing. Instead, what I heard was simply stunning – a reference quality, completely transparent sound system that matched the spectacular visuals from the Crystal LED display.

“Playing clips from my mix of Stranger Things, I was truly shocked at how close it sounded to the studio where we had mixed it. I wouldn’t hesitate to mix on this system in the first place, it’s that good!”

Immersive experience

The patent-pending Ultra Reflex solution is designed for reproduction of discrete screen channel audio on large-scale direct view video displays. Encompassing proprietary acoustical designs, DSP technologies and optimisation techniques, the complete system for each screen channel is made up of a high frequency component reflecting off the screen that is coupled seamlessly with a direct radiating low frequency component.

This culminates to a full bandwidth reproduction with extremely low distortion, pinpoint directionality, and extremely flat amplitude and phase response for tonal accuracy.

Previously, larger direct view displays have been hindered by audio challenges. Unlike acoustically transparent projection screens, loudspeakers cannot be placed directly behind the direct view display, they are installed around it which can compromise the coverage of sound, stability of image localisation, and overall audio fidelity. Meyer Sound has addressed this issue with the launch of Ultra Reflex.

“The introduction of direct view displays in the cinema industry created the need for a unique solution for LCR screen channels,” said Miles Rogers, Meyer Sound business development manager, cinema & content creation markets. “Ultra Reflex is the culmination of prediction software, loudspeaker technologies, and the lifelong vision of John Meyer to create solutions for the most demanding audio professionals.”

The initial launch of the Ultra Reflex solution is being paired with Sony’s Crystal LED to enable early adopters to experience the ultimate performance from both the proprietary audio technology and high-resolution video combined.

Image credit: Meyer Sound Ultra Reflex