Pakedge Adds Heat Mapping Feature to its C36 Wireless Network Controller

Pakedge Device & Software is adding a series of new feature sets to its already popular Wireless Access Point (WAP) controller, the C36. ...

Pakedge Device & Software is adding a series of new feature sets to its already popular Wireless Access Point (WAP) controller, the C36. Scheduled for release next month, the upgraded C36 will make the design and installation of WAPs incredibly simple to configure, whilst ensuring optimised performance and signal coverage through a home or commercial building. The new Heat Mapping feature will allow integrators to survey the Wi-Fi coverage of each WAP ahead of installation, allowing them to determine the ideal position in advance of installation for a right-first-time result on every project. By uploading floor plans to the C36 design interface, installers can place virtual WAPs in position and assess the range of Wi-Fi coverage with a clear radius outline visible onscreen. Installers are then able to heat map’ the wireless network, moving these virtual points to ensure the desired Wi-Fi coverage level is achieved across a room or zone. “Fast, simple - and above all, robust - wireless network configuration is a top priority for custom installers, commercial AV integrators and their clients,” says Nick Phillips, VP of Sales & Marketing at Pakedge. “With our system updates on the C36, installers are better placed to ensure the reliability and coverage of a network before it is installed. It also allows a greater level of customisation – if you know your client has a favourite chair to watch IPTV then you can preview the position of a WAP to ensure the best level of coverage.” New C36 Features • Load Floor Plan – Work from a graphical room overlay to configure WAPs. • Set Scale – Work to scale for improved accuracy and optimised coverage. • Drag & Drop Access Points – Drop access points and view their radius of coverage onscreen. • AP Configuration – Double-click icons for AP details/Configure channel and transmit power on APs. • Load Multiple Floor Plans – Compare different WAP placements or load multiple floors for larger buildings and networks. • Save Heat Maps to PDF – Saved heat maps can be easily issued to all parties involved with an installation ahead of arriving on site. A second firmware upgrade, scheduled for the end of Q1 2014, will also take into consideration the building fabric and construction materials when projecting the coverage radius for a WAP. This feature allows installers to accurately view how Wi-Fi coverage will be affected by concrete walls and other architectural features of a build, furthering ensuring that typical onsite problems are designed out of the installation. On-going Network Management & Maintenance The C36 is a reliable, all-in-one networking solution which not only reduces the time and complexity of installation but also, once fitted, simplifies and speeds up network managing and maintenance for optimum AV performance. It’s the truly exceptional networking controller that the industry has been waiting for. Easy access for configuration, centralised management and remote monitoring is provided by the C36’s highly intuitive, web-based interface. Installers can review and maintain performance for up to 30 WAPs on a network simultaneously. There is no need to apply settings to each individual access point whilst modifications and firmware updates can be applied to the entire network or to selected WAPs, as desired. Each client device can be individually named for easy tracking and management, instead of using the default MAC address, making it extremely simple for the installer to identify laptops, tablets, mobile devices and wireless handsets, or set up a separate guest network, if required. Designed with the installer in mind, the C36 is a slim, aesthetically attractive 1U sized device for rack mounting on a project. It is a powerful network security product which offers complete integration with the Pakedge suite of wired and wireless networking appliances to bring Wireless Network Harmony. The C36 is also compatible with the company’s BakPak Cloud app which enables access via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. BakPak provides a complete network map based on the C36 wireless ecosystem, allowing reporting and basic maintenance to be completed from anywhere in the world.

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