Pakedge Issues Firmware Upgrade for C36 Controller

Pakedge Device & Software Inc. has released a new firmware upgrade for its C36 Wireless Access Point (WAP) Controller, Version 2.11. ...

Pakedge Device & Software Inc. has released a new firmware upgrade for its C36 Wireless Access Point (WAP) Controller, Version 2.11. The firmware upgrade allows the C36 to tune the network for improved wireless performance through an updated suite of technologies, including SectorMaxx for optimizing coverage, TruStream for optimizing throughput, and Smartwav for active interference mitigation. This upgrade is well suited for wireless network systems operating in busy RF environments where multiple interfering RF sources (e.g. wireless devices, cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc.) and neighbouring wireless access points (such as in multi-dwelling units and office parks) are common. In addition, the upgrade will benefit network managers who perform maintenance and management activities on a frequent and routine basis. Among the key network management features is the ability to identify and report on connected devices on the network, including their MAC address, IP address, signal strength, and the wireless band they are using (2.4 or 5GHz). This capability enables device-by-device blocking for enhanced network security. In addition, management of networks with a large number of connected wireless devices is simplified using the Quick Client Lookup feature, which enables all connected devices to be searched by MAC address, client name, AP, or band. This allows the manager to quickly find the specific devices to be managed, thereby allowing management tasks to be completed faster. Finally, network deployments and setup using the C36 is enhanced with the ability to identify Pakedge WAPs operating in wireless repeater mode—eliminating configuration issues to ensure uninterrupted wireless functionality no matter what mode the access points are operating in. “We are committed to providing our customers with the best wireless network system in the market. Upgrades to the SectorMaxx, TruStream and Smartwav suite of technologies enable us to continue to deliver superior wireless networking performance while the addition of new network management and deployment features reduce manager workload and speed up management activities,” explains Nick Phillips, vice president of sales at Pakedge. “This benefits the installer because it lowers labor costs, brings faster installation within reach and optimizes the potential for greater overall profits.” Pakedge employs a number of proprietary features implemented across the various hardware and software layers in its Connect+ platform. TruStream is a suite of technologies, implemented in various forms on the switch, router, wireless access points and the wireless controller, that improves and optimizes network traffic throughput for a seamless and transparent user experience. SectorMaxx is a suite of technologies and features that maximizes and optimizes wireless network coverage.  SmartWav is a suite of technologies that takes the local wireless environment into account to optimize, enhance and deliver superior wireless network performance. Taken together, the trio of technologies enables Pakedge to deliver seamless, scalable, secure and reliable performance. All C36 units shipping from Pakedge now feature the latest firmware. Dealers who already have a C36 WAP Controller can download version 2.11 from the official Pakedge website by logging into the Dealer Portal. There is no charge for this firmware update, in keeping with Pakedge’s policy of free lifetime firmware updates. Full release notes of the new firmware updates are also available under the Dealer Portal at

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