PMC Studio London opens for Dolby Atmos demos

Marking its 30 anniversary, speaker manufacturer PMC has opened PMC Studio London, a state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos music mixing suite that will be used to demonstrate the company’s loudspeaker products.

The studio, which is based in an old piano factory in Islington, reflects the long-standing relationship PMC holds with Dolby and gives the company opportunities to further the development of Atmos in a music mixing content.

This is the fourth PMC audio suite to open, with existing facilities in Los Angeles, New York and Nashville. PMC Studio London is a facility where artists, record labels, recording professionals and custom installers get the opportunity to experience Dolby Atmos music mixing and discover the full extent of its creative possibilities. The facility also utilises the new ci series, which are particularly suited to this immersive audio format.

PMC London’s powerful monitoring system features six slimline ceiling-mounted ci45 monitors and eight slimline ci65 monitors for height and surround channels. The system also includes the company’s award-winning MB3 XBD Active monitors for the LCR channels, and four twotwo sub2 monitors for effects channels.

As well as being used in studios, the ci series can be used in home theatre environments and the new PMC facility gives UK-based integrators an opportunity to hear them in action. The ci series allows home theatre owners to have exactly the same speaker system used during the production process.

PMC’s president, Maurice Patist, who has long been an advocate for Dolby Atmos Music said: “Immersive audio is the future for music, not least because it brings an entirely new and innovative dimension to the mixing process. The technology for both creating and distributing immersive audio has moved on and there is also much more of a push from equipment manufacturers and labels alike to see this format succeed.

“It’s no longer just a question of consumers needing a high end home theatre set up to enjoy the experience – with products such as the Amazon Echo Studio delivering via up-firing speakers and headphone playback for people who like to stream tracks while on the move, there is little doubt that immersive audio for music will redefine the way we make music and the way we appreciate it as consumers.”


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