Pulse-Eight pull out of EI Live! 2020 amid coronavirus concerns

Pulse-Eight has announced that is has dropped out of EI Live! 2020 due to concerns over the spreading covid-19 virus.

The UK-based manufacturer announced its decision on Twitter this afternoon. 

Speaking to HiddenWires, the company said: "We feel in light of the current global health concerns surrounding the coronavirus that encouraging large numbers of people to congregate in small spaces is irresponsible and unnecessary.

"For the benefit of our staff and customers alike, cancelling our attendance at this event is the most responsible course of action with the current information available.

"We have always been huge supporters of the EI Live! Show and we will continue to support it in the future.”

It is being reported that there are now 456 confirmed cases of the virus in the UK.

The Department of Health has confirmed 83 new cases since yesterday, which is the biggest increase in the UK in a single day so far. 

Pulse-Eight is the only company to pull out of EI Live! 2020, with the potential of more companies making the same decision in the coming weeks. 

Show organisers have assured that the show is still planning to go ahead from 21-22 April 2020. 

Check the HiddenWires website for all the latest updates.

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