Qobuz & Québecor partnership launches QUB as global platform

French high-quality music streaming and download service, Qobuz has announced a strategic alliance with Québecor, a Canadian company in telecommunications, entertainment, information media and culture.

This alliance has given rise to QUB musique, a streaming platform recently launched in Québec by Québecor.

The QUB music platform is the result of a longstanding strategic and financial partnership with Qobuz, where the company used its experience in the field of streaming and downloading high-quality music to participate in the development of QUB musique. Qobuz shared its expertise and provided access to musical content. 

Driven by the desire to showcase Québec’s cultural and artistic richness, Québecor developed the web and mobile platforms as well as the user experience specified to QUB musique. The company also selects and orchestrates the content for the platform, which already offers more than 50 million titles and a thousand local playlists. 

Qobuz is currently available in 11 countries in Europe and was launched in the US in February 2019. This alliance strengthens the company’s global outreach in the music industry even more. To continue this expansion, Qobuz aims to accelerate international development through new agreements with global players in the media and telecommunications sector. 

“We are committed to a long-term investment strategy,” said Denis Thébaud, chairman and CEO of Qobuz. “We are committed to seeking new parternships with foreign media and operators who share our values and convictions in terms of music distribution. 

“We are working alongside these companies, but also with artists and labels to promote quality and promote musical diversity. The success of the QUB musique project thus places us on a new and very promising development path.”

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