Rotel celebrates 60th anniversary

Launched in Tokyo, Japan in 1961 by Mr. Tomoki Tachikawa, Rotel is celebrating its 60 year anniversary.

A family-owned brand, Rotel has delivered over two million products with 630 unique models since its inception, including 100 integrated amplifiers, 85 power amplifiers, 35 control preamplifiers, 40 CD player models, 30 home theatre processors/receivers, over 50 cassette decks, more than 35 turntables, and over 120 different models of tuners and AM/FM receivers.

The brand has also successfully engineered and delivered power line conditioners, video enhancers, transceivers, equalisers, DVD players, loudspeakers, equipment racks, headphone amplifiers, phono preamplifiers, automotive amplifiers, and countless supporting remote controls.

“The continuation of Rotel’s heritage is personal to me and my family – building on the legacy created by the founder, my uncle Mr. Tomoki Tachikawa,” said Peter Kao, managing director of Rotel. “The family has never lost sight of our most valuable resource and asset, which is generations of satisfied Rotel product owners who we consider part of our extended family. I am proud to be a part of such an exceptional community, and proud to have reached this milestone that represents our dedication to audio excellence and tradition.”

Rotel began marking the anniversary with the recent launch of five new MKII models: A14MKII, RA-1572MKII, RA-1592MKII, RC-1572MKII, and RC-1590MKII.

Continuing the celebration throughout the year, Rotel is due to introduce additional products later this year, including special, limited edition anniversary models.


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