RTI Gears Up for DevX 2016 Developers Conference

RTI will host its second annual DevX developers conference, April 19-21, at RTI's world headquarters in Minnesota.

Available to RTI dealers, DevX 2016 will provide participants with an opportunity to expand their knowledge in using RTI's software development kit (SDK) for powerful custom automation solutions.

Featuring two tracks, DevX 2016 allows attendees to hone their SDK skillset with hands-on instruction from RTI's integration team. Track one will focus on SDK basics such as serial port control, debugging tools, and how drivers work. Track two is geared toward advanced development, covering topics such as networking control, advanced GUI design, and more. Both tracks will also cover driver development for the new APEX programming platform.

"The inaugural DevX was a very successful conference for RTI and our dealers, and we plan on expanding and enriching the experience for 2016," said Mike Everett, vice president of sales and marketing, Americas for RTI. "From beginner driver writers to seasoned coders, everyone will learn important programming strategies and driver development for the APEX platform."

DevX 2016 

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