Samsung announces partnership with Tidal

Following on from its recently announced collaboration with Spotify, Samsung has revealed that is has partnered with ‘high fidelity’ music streaming service, Tidal.

Sony may be backing Netflix in a big way (with its 'Netflix Calibrated Mode’), but Samsung is backing music-focused streaming services being easily accessible from its Smart TVs in a big way.

Tidal may have been recently embroiled in some negative reports of falsifying streaming figures, but that hasn’t deterred Samsung from signing on the dotted line to partner with them. Subscribers to the Jay Z-owned streaming service who also own Samsung TVs with Tizen 3.0 (i.e. 2017 and 2018 models) will soon have access to a dedicated interface that “prioritises Tidal visual content” on their TV.

From the home screen, Tidal and Samsung say users will have access to the app’s core features – i.e. new releases, curated video playlists, concerts, livestreams, music videos and podcasts. A ‘My Collection’ feature will allow users to save and personalise content they like, in addition to a special search function.

The new Tidal app for certain TVs is “just the beginning of the partnership” say both companies, with much deeper integration planned for the near future.