Samsung improves viewing experience with HDR10+ Adaptive support

Improving the viewing experience in customers' homes regardless of lighting conditions, Samsung Electronics has added the HDR10+ Adaptive feature to Samsung TVs.

Viewing HDR content is typically optimal in a darkened room, however this cannot always be controlled in the home with factors such as room lighting, time of the day and proximity to windows. The HDR10+ Adaptive feature supports dynamic scene-by-scene optimisation, following guidelines from the HDR10+ LLC, and can now adjust to any room’s lighting conditions. Using the light sensor on the TV, the feature ensures that the screen displays the creative intent of the content without any loss of detail or contrast.

HDR10+ Adaptive supports Filmmaker Mode, a display setting that Samsung developed as a member of the UHD Alliance in partnership with filmmakers, studios and consumer electronics manufacturers. Teaming up with Amazon Prime Video, the two companies enabled Filmmaker Mode and HDR10+ Adaptive for Prime Video customers.

More HDR10+ content is becoming available through Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE) and Samsung extending its technology partnership to include more HDR10+ catalogues and new titles for distribution on OTT services around the world.

HDR10+ Adaptive will launch globally with Samsung’s upcoming QLED TV products.