Security flaws in smart doorbells targeted by hackers

The consumer group Which? has called for new legislation from the government to protect consumers with smart doorbells from hackers.

According to the group, many smart doorbells have major security flaws and can easily be hacked or tampered with. 

Testing 11 smart doorbell devices from brands including Qihoo, Ctronics and Victure, Which? found that the most common issues were weak password policies and a lack of data encryption. 

It has been reported that two of the devices tested by the consumer group could be manipulated to steal network passwords which gives criminals access to other smart devices within the home. 

It was discovered that the Victure Smart Video Doorbell, which is currently a bestseller on Amazon UK, sends the user’s home network names and passwords unencrypted to servers in China. 

Since the findings, Amazon has removed at least seven products from its listings. 

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