Sensative announces integration with Smarthings

Sensative smart home sensors will now be compatible with Smarthings hubs.

The recently announced strip smart home sensors series by Sensative will be able to be controlled through the Smarthings app.

Anne-Marie Rouse, CMO of Sensative spoke about the new family of strip sensors, said “Guard can double as an activity monitor to protect valuables such as artwork, jewellery boxes and medicine cabinets.” 

“Comfort can be used anywhere to detect and report temperature and ambient light, triggering lighting, climate and shade controllers to automatically adjust.”

“The unique new Drip water and freeze sensor fits anywhere, with a discrete design that blends seamlessly into even the smallest of spaces. With operating temperatures ranging from -4°F to 140°F”

The Sensative strip smart home sensors range is available in EMEA now.

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