changes policy to benefit multiple license holders

Design and documentation software company, has changed some of its policies regarding the use of its product library which will benefit those members with multiple licenses.

As of 17th June, users taking a license can now access the sum of all manufacturers allowed by all licenses assigned to their account, whereas previously the number of manufacturer libraries available to a license was fixed by the license itself. For example, a Platinum Bundle allowed access to any 70 manufacturers at any time. Now, if three Platinum licenses are held under the same account, every person using one of those licenses will have access to 210 manufacturer libraries at the same time.

Stardraw Design 7.3’s libraries enable the creation of professional drawings in the software’s multiple drawing modules – Block Schematic, Rack Layout, Pictorial Schematic, Plan View, and Panel Layout – using technically accurate and graphically detailed symbols. The libraries currently contain over 120,000 symbols representing products from 1,187 manufacturers.

“It’s always been the case that additional licenses are half price, making it extremely cost-effective to equip a whole organisation with Stardraw Design 7.3,” explained Rob Robinson, CEO of “Now, with all the change to manufacturer allowances, which sums the allowances from all licenses on an account for each user, even more value is added when deploying extra licenses; it further rewards those companies that make a greater commitment to Stardraw Design 7.3, at no additional cost, and for us it feels like a good initiative that reinforces our value proposition, so everybody wins.”

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