Swiss integrator adds Modus VR to its toolkit for high end home cinema design

IntelliHOME, a Swiss home integration firm, has added the Modus VR design solution to its toolkit to help with its increasing focus on home cinemas.

This tool allows them to recreate a customer’s actual room, design the theatre and show the client before any actual work takes place. 

“As electronic professionals, we are fascinated with new technologies and the possibilities they open,” explained Fabio Fragapane, IntelliHOME COO. 

“Modus VR provides a virtual design environment that no other company currently offers, in which the design process is fairly simple but includes many fine touches such as various finishes for walls and floors that allow us to show how different components affect the look and feel of a room in the real world.”

The Swiss integrator is using Modus VR to improve efficiency in the design timeline rather than to generate new sales. They predict that as homeowners become more accustomed to VR, more people at various levels of investment will look to hire integrators that offer VR design. 

“It’s still a novel technology for nearly everyone, but once they put on the goggles they become fascinated, and we can see it actually touches them in a way that our physical showroom doesn’t,” continued Fragapane. 

“It’s because they can see that it’s actually their room, not a template or showroom, and they can get a true sense of what fits where, and what colours and fixtures will look like.”

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