UK’s first Dolby Cinema to arrive by Christmas

What better present for cinemagoers is there than Dolby Atmos & Vision goodness in a brand new, comfy (we’re told) 800-seat space this festive season?

Odeon Leicester Square cinema has built up quite the reputation since the 1930s – hosting countless big premieres thanks to its prime location in central London, buts a recent revamp promises an even higher quality move-watching experience this Christmas time.

The highlight of updates to the cinema is unquestionably a brand spanking new 800-seat auditorium with a dual laser Vision projection system and Atmos speaker rig (as well as 350 'Luxe' recliners with extensive legroom and personal tray tables, if that’s your thing). This promises quite the experience for upcoming releases like the upcoming Spider-Man follow-up and Vox Lux (and the Mary Poppins sequel, of course).

When completed the 11-month, multi-million pound refurbishment will see Odeon’s European flagship cinema rebrand itself as ‘Odeon Luxe Leicester Square’ – boasting four additionally revamped 100-person+ cinemas (2,3,4 & 5), a renovated interior and cocktail bar.

mock-up of Odeon Luxe Leicester Square interior screen 1 dolby cinema

On opening, the cinema will take the crown of being the first Dolby Cinema in the UK thanks to it Dolby Vision laser projection and a Dolby Atmos system. The cinema’s makeover has interestingly seen its capacity almost halved – a price it clearly thinks it can pay for offering higher quality sound and visuals (and we’re sure tickets won’t come cheap to make up for this…)

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