Unique Automation Launches a New Bathomatic System and PoE WoW Switch Keypad at ISE 2014

Stand 1-N1, ISE 2014 Running a bath is now as easy as turning on the lights. From bath to a switch (the WoW Switch) bathomat...

Stand 1-N1, ISE 2014 Running a bath is now as easy as turning on the lights. From bath to a switch (the WoW Switch) bathomatic® made its debut with a screw-less, waterproof touch interface in 2007 and ever since this has been the centre of interest and discussion. Most automation and lighting companies wanted a part of this development, but we strive to remain independent, unbiased and available to all. In 2010 WoW Switchâ„¢ took off as a universal keypad, fit for all home automation and lighting systems either via RS485 or LAN. WoW Switchâ„¢ is waterproof and utilises an XY touch button co-ordinate system, which allows for an ultra-short customization time, with added freedom of button sizes and positions. We adopted X and Y swipes, which are a common feature on all smart phones and an added benefit to any wall switch. Touch of elegance Consider the following design assignment: print your favourite pattern for that area of the wall where you would ordinarily have a switch, think of all direct access function you like to have, such as lights. Now draw representative buttons for each function. Add a hidden temperature sensor for climate control feedback and cover all this with a clear piece of glass for durability and scratch resistance! This is part of the canvas and set of brushes we provide to custom installers, architects and designers to allow them to express themselves and provide the end customer with a solution which is not only unique to them, but represents the spirit and functionality of each room. It is WoW Switch and at ISE it will accompanied by its 3D sibling the WoW Switch3D. Another World’s first! Our booth 1-N1 at ISE To celebrate our seventh ISE participation our booth will stage a sensory set up, where visitors can have intimate encounter with bathomatic bathler and SkyShower. Both products are controllable via LAN and there are Crestron and AMX modules already written, available and in use. bathomatic bathler - seven senses of home automation in a single product Sight – 24” TV with a lift Touch –touch control under Corian surface Smell – up to 12 different scents Sound – 5.1 surround sound Taste – champagne chiller with a lift Temperature – water temperature control Texture – whirlpool jets and air bubbles A beast of a bath full of features when awake and inconspicuous piece of bathroom furniture while at rest. bathomatic bathler is epitome of the bath servant or its 21st century technological equivalent. Every bath is built to order and takes the shape and features the client desires. SkyShower Most rain showers on the market today are flat with finishes limited to chrome or steel. Given the choice, clients opt for soft finishes and get drawn in by the possibility of mixing and matching functions on a Corian® canvas. The idea of having personalised rain shower in any form, shape or size and not just picking an article designed by known or unknown industrial designer brings inspiration and creativity With iShower we created the most powerful shower “engine” in the world and spent years modifying third party rain showers to give them more control or functionality. This works, but we wanted to give our customer more and were governed by the finish, size patterns and more of these third party rain showers. With bathomatic® bathler® we acquired the necessary expertise for mixing Corian® with water and applied it, this time for making a rain shower ceiling. Despite the numerous challenges associated with the material of choice the experiments brought to surface possible feature inconceivable before. Our customers’ SkyShowers could be not only powerful and responsive, but fluid in form at the same time. Adding form is critical for steam showers where condensation prevention through a dome shower ceiling can preserve the spa experience It’s your SkyShower – have it the way you can imagine it Our approach is simple. We want our clients to follow their desires in picking up features, colour, form - we listen, design and fabricate. Every Sky Shower we produce is crafted with the customer in mind, creating bespoke solutions to meet even the most discerning of requirements. We balance beauty with performance to give your SkyShower a unique identity using an exhilarating mix of latest technology and precision engineering. SkyShower can be of any size, shape, form and colour with multiple outlets, fragrance dispensing, colour lighting, speakers, ventilation and more. The technology is hidden from the eye behind a Corian® solid surface on which one can even project images or video. www.uniqueautomation.eu

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