URC Announces Two-Way Total Control Module for Honeywell Security Systems

More than 50 fully tested and certified control modules and an SDK kit have been developed within the past year alone URC, manufacture...

More than 50 fully tested and certified control modules and an SDK kit have been developed within the past year alone URC, manufacturer of the multiple award winning Total Control® and the new ccGEN2 two-way whole-house automation systems, and producer of the Complete Control® series of home theater control solutions, today announced a new two-way control module for Honeywell VISTA® security systems. The new module works with Total Control in-wall touchscreens (TKP-7000, TKP-2000), wand-style remote controls (TRC-1280, TRC-1080) and TC-Mobile (iPad® and iPhone®/iPod touch®). “We’re delighted to be compatible with the biggest name in home security,” said URC’s director of marketing, Cat Toomey. “Our two-way control modules now extend into every important home automation category, including security and door locks, lighting, shades, surveillance, climate, power control and A/V.” The new module requires a Honeywell Connected Building Module 4232CBM and a URC RS-232 cable. It communicates to a MRX-10 via RS-232, through the 4232CBM connected to the Honeywell VISTA security panel. This same compatibility will be available with the soon-to-be-released MRX-20. The module is also compatible with ccGEN2 keypads, the RM-2 remote and ccGEN2-iOS app. The module acts as a virtual Honeywell keypad, so that customers can arm and disarm the system and monitor security status. URC also announced the development and pending release of two new features for most URC two-way control modules. Automation Macros can “listen to” (constantly poll) a device and execute a Macro based on a specific status change. Automation Queries can ask the status of a device and then play a macro or use it in an If/Else statement. In practical application, one example could be a door lock that sends a text message to your cell phone when it’s been opened. Honeywell’s 4232CBM Connected Building Module is designed to support VISTA security panels with a variety of Honeywell and third-party hardware and software products. This module is intended for applications such as home or building automation. It enables communication between products by providing high-speed RS-232 and RS-422 serial interfaces for connection to external systems and a standard four-wire ECP interface for connection to the security control panel. Nothing says whole-house automation like onscreen real-time feedback on a variety of user interfaces. To that end, URC has added approximately 50 new, fully tested and certified integration modules over the past year for Total Control. Adding to these drivers, URC recently announced a new Software Development Kit (SDK) for qualified URC dealers to develop their own two-way modules for Total Control. This SDK is delivered along with comprehensive “how-to” videos and a programming manual. www.UniversalRemote.com

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