Voice-activated’¦ whiskey?

Alexa meet Jim.

Alexa can do many things, but can she pour you a drink? That’s the thinking behind the marketing heads at Jim Beam who have introduced the “world’s first smart bourbon decanter” known simply as ‘Jim.’

Jim is a little bit different from your typical voice assistant, however. Instead of telling you the weather, traffic on the way to work or letting you call your friend to invite them over for a glass bourbon, it offers up quips (such as “It’s the perfect weather for drinking bourbon” in response to a weather query). It can however, pour a perfectly measured shot with the command “Hey Jim, pour me a drink.”

In a nice touch from Jim Beam, the voice of Jim is actually that of Fred Noe, the great-grandson of company’s founder and a seventh-generation master distiller.

Sadly, living with Jim is only temporary as the 3G-powered decanter only will operate by voice for 6 months of ownership. The “breakthrough smart decanter” will retail for $34.90 on 15 December, 2017, though pre-orders appear to be sold out at the moment.

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