WyreStorm Unveils New 4K Ultra HD Matrix, Splitter and Extender Solutions at InfoComm 2014

InfoComm14, Las Vegas will be the venue for WyreStorm to offer attendees a first look at their new range of 4K Ultra HD solutions, includ...

InfoComm14, Las Vegas will be the venue for WyreStorm to offer attendees a first look at their new range of 4K Ultra HD solutions, including two new 8x8 Matrix switchers distributing 4K content over HDMI and HDBaseT, 4K 1x4 and 1x8 HDMI Splitters and a new range of low-­profile single cable extenders with 4K compatibility up to 100m/328ft.

WyreStorm, a global manufacturer specializing in the design and development of innovative Total AV Distribution and Control Solutions for electronic systems integrators, announced plans to showcase their new range of single-­cable 4K Ultra HD compatible products at InfoComm 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada, June 18-­20.

As discussion continues in the industry about the right time to make the changeover to 4K given the limited current availability of native 4K content and the various debates over compatibility, standardization, format, delivery method etc., with the announcement of its first 4K Ultra HD Matrices, Extenders and Splitters, WyreStorm is one manufacturer that is clear about where the industry is heading -­ 4 times clearer as a matter of fact.

MX-­0808-­4K -­ 8x8 4K HDMI to HDMI Matrix Switcher

The MX-­0808-­4K is an 8x8 HDMI to HDMI and audio matrix switch supporting 4K content at 30fps with a 4:4:4 chroma sub-­sampling ratio for an improved color palette and a sharper, clearer image, as oppose to an increased frame rate of 60fps but with heavier chroma sub-­sampling rates of 4:2:0 that can cause ‘blockier’ pixels or reduced color palettes resulting from pixels sharing data.

With a slim-­line chassis of just 1U taking up less space, whether in a rack or under a counter, the MX-­0808-­4K features RS232 and IP control, with compatibility with the new WyreStorm Enado browser-­based control interface to provide high quality, reliable switching of 4K video and audio sources to local 4K display points, along with a range of approved 5m, 10m and 15m HDMI cables to assure transmisions are received in pristine Ultra HD quality.

MX-­0808-­4K is scheduled to ship Q4 2014 with an approximate MSRP of $4999.00. Contact your authorized WyreStorm Sales Partner for more information.

MX-­0808-­PP-­POH-­4K -­ Pro Plus 8x8 HDBaseT 4K Matrix Switcher with PoH and Routed Serial Control

Soon to be the flagship model of its diverse HDBaseT matrix range, MX-­0808-­PP-­POH-­4K is WyreStorm’s first 4K matrix based on the hugely successful HDBaseT VS100 chip. Boasting a full 5-­Play feature set including 100m/328ft transmissions of 1080p/48bit @ 60Hz with HD audio, discrete internal IR routing with RS232 control routing and internal network switch for LAN, Ethernet passthrough and 100W power all along a single Cat5e/6 cable to display zone devices.

Apart from the high gloss finish of the newly designed fascia and electric-­blue LED display, this latest 4K evolution of its popular Pro Plus matrix range makes an already strong feature set future-­proof by adding 4K transmissions with the option of 30fps with chroma sub-­sampling rates of 4:4:4 for superior image sharpness or firmware upgrade available later this year to support 60fps at 4:2:0 for improved frame refresh rate – both up to 70m/230ft over Cat6 cable.

Featuring a transmission card-­based design consisting of HDMI In, HDBaseT Out and switched HDMI out, the MX-­0808-­PP-­POH-­4K is capable of feeding up to 16 screens from a single unit in an 8x8+8 configuration, with WyreStorm also revealing plans to offer a modular, customizable version with a range of multi-­format transmission cards due in 2015.

Internal EDID management using pre-­set, stored or recalled settings via control software negotiates communication between connected source/display devices with full Enado control interface and other third party control system compatibility, as with WyreStorm’s current MX-­PP-­POH matrices, the 4K Pro Plus variant will feature Power-­over-­HDBaseT to power new slim-­line PoH display receivers, offering a thin form factor of only 15mm for even more convenient installations.

Seeking to avoid the issues that some manufacturers have encountered with certain TVs, the MX-­0808-­ PP-­POH-­4K is tested compatible with all known 4K screens, CI and commercial control systems, graphics card and consumer devices that may form part of any present 4K project, as well as ensuring future 4K functionality should the requirements of the client change from 1080p to include 4K at a later date as availability of content catches up with its distribution.

“Addressing the here and now whilst preparing for the future is a key consideration with the MX-­0808-­PP-­POH-­4K, with PC graphics card compatibility important given the amount of native 4K content at this time is computer generated, such as animation, games, PC and footage captured and processed by 4K video equipment. The noticeable improvement in 1080p picture quality on 4K screens aside, the increasing client demand for 4K screens is only set to continue as native 4K content is starting to find its way into living rooms, malls and bars from the likes of Netflix, FIFA World Cup matches in 4K this summer, Comcast and online film service M-­GO partnering Samsung to deliver 4K content and PS4 and Xbox ONE releasing 4K titles later this year, the future is now not as far away as it seems,” says Dave Schorah, WyreStorm Product Development Manager.

MX-­0808-­PP-­POH-­4K is scheduled to ship Q3 2014 with an approximate MSRP of $9995.00. Contact your authorized WyreStorm Sales Partner for more information.

SP-­0104-­4K / SP-­0108-­4K -­ HDMI to HDMI Ultra HD 4K Splitters

Less is definitely more when it comes to splitting, receiving and extending 4K transmissions, with slim WyreStorm chassis design a common theme across new ranges, with SP-­0104-­4K and SP-­0108-­4K Ultra HD splitters measuring just half an inch high for compact, unobtrusive installations whether placed in rack, shelf, closet or beneath a counter.

Models feature simple but reliable replication and distribution of a single HDMI source to 4 or 8 4K Ultra High Definition HDMI output devices respectively with full compatibility for resolutions up to 4Kx2K, as well as offering the ability for multiple units to be cascaded to create larger systems, perfect for applications such as retail displays and demo of 4K displays.

SP-­0104-­4K / SP-­0108-­4K scheduled to ship Q3 2014 – pricing TBC. Contact your authorized WyreStorm Sales Partner for more information.

EX-­100-­4K / EX-­70-­4K / RX-­100-­4K / RX-­70-­4K – 4K Compatible, Low Profile HDBaseT Extender Sets & Display Receivers

Taking slim to the extreme, the new EX-­100-­4K and EX-­70-­4K extender sets and RX-­100-­4K and RX-­70-­4K display receivers all offer incredibly low profiles of just 18mm (100s) and 15mm (70s), for a greatly reduced form factor behind the screen for even more convenience and ease of installation at the display zone.

As with the MX-­0808-­PP-­POH-­4K matrix, the EX-­100-­4K extender set and RX-­100-­4K and RX-­70-­4K display receivers feature the HDBaseT VS100 chip to support the full 5-­Play feature set including 100m/328ft (70m/230ft for RX-­70-­4K), transmissions of 1080p@60Hz and 48bit deep color HD audio, discrete bidirectional control via IR and routed serial control, Ethernet passthrough and 100W power all along a single Cat5e/6 cable to display zone devices. 4K transmissions are supported at 30fps on both 100m and 70m models with chroma sub-­sampling rates of 4:4:4 or 60fps @ 4:2:0 up to 70m/230ft over Cat6, with internal EDID and EQ management using pre-­set, stored or recalled settings to negotiate communication between connected source/display devices.

With EX-­100-­4K connectivity featuring HDMI In, HDBaseT Out and switched HDMI out, the transmitter is capable of feeding a local screen, AVR or additional WyreStorm extender set as well as distributing the video, audio, Ethernet, control and power to display zones, with additional connectivity for the EX-­100-­4K and RX-­100-­4K & RX-­70-­4K display receivers also including stereo breakout for connection to an audio system with a line input, such as and AVR or Sonos, and dual Ethernet ports for additional network connection to a Smart TV, control system interface box or wireless access point.

For projects perhaps not requiring the full 5-­play feature set, EX-­70-­4K and RX-­70-­4K models support Class B HDBaseT transmission distances of up to 70m/230ft for 1080p and 4Kx2K up 35m/131ft, removing switched HDMI output, Ethernet and EDID management, while retaining PoH, bidirectional control via IR and routed RS232 with switchable selection for firmware updates or third party control.

Last but by no means least, if 4K with HDBaseT transmission is overkill and all the job requires is single-­cable, point-­to-­point distribution of full HD video, audio and two-­way IR control over distances up to 40m/131ft, the EX-­40 extender and RX-­40 display receiver offer unbeatable value and reliability, including EDID and EQ management all wrapped up within the same impossibly thin 15mm chassis to make installation an absolute dream.

All low-­profile extender and receiver models feature threaded bushings that allow use of both standard and locking DC power plugs for improved connection options and LED indication for power supply, signal status to show established connection to display, with HDBaseT models including transmission link and HDCP confirmation to illustrate the presence of encryption within a signal.

Scheduled to ship Q3/Q4 2014 -­ pricing TBC. Contact your authorized WyreStorm Sales Partner for more information.

VISIT US AT INFOCOMM14, Las Vegas, 18-­20 June 2014 -­ booth C7949 and for bold new WyreStorm solutions that offer the professional integrator even more options, including full 4K distribution, presentation scaling, more slim-­line extenders, multi-­source/zone digital audio processing and switching, the launch of our Enado multi-­platform, browser-­based control solution, and not one but two IP distribution systems.


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