HGI Announces New Direction at Broadband World Forum 2014

Forum is also launching new group to track broadband home technology developments HGI, the leading global organisation for publishing...

Forum is also launching new group to track broadband home technology developments HGI, the leading global organisation for publishing requirements for the Smart Home, today announced at Broadband World Forum 2014 that it will be taking a new direction as it moves towards its tenth anniversary and continues to define the enabling platforms and APIs, enabling service providers to achieve the smart home of the future. The major re-launch will see HGI work on a number of new areas including Home Gateway security and hybrid access boxes, as well as continue its work to develop the abstraction layer and requirements for software modularity. It will also launch the Services and Business Insight (SBI) Group which will track and bring to light market and technology developments about the broadband home, as well as create timely and insightful analysis. HGI's vision for the smart home and recent developments in its work will be outlined by some of its members at a workshop in The Next Big Thing Exhibition Theatre of Broadband World Forum. "We know there are some areas in which HGI can improve in effectiveness for its members and our new direction will ensure we are taking the optimum approach," said Duncan Bees, HGI's Chief Technology and Business Officer. "The SBI Group is a big part of this as it will focus on a small number of key topics and aim to publish reports very quickly so that the work is tangible and relevant to our members." HGI has been playing a unique role in the broadband industry as the forum that documents operator requirements for equipment and services in the broadband home since 2004. Its work started with the definition of a triple-play capable Home Gateway and now encompasses software modularity, Smart Home, home networking, and Home Gateway testing. HGI has also helped its manufacturers to address the operator market and its operators to engage with and inform a wider base of international suppliers. "While our re-launch will retain our focus on the smart home, our new key topics - the common device model and abstraction layer, software modularity, a hybrid access box study and Home Gateway security - will ensure our work evolves in line with technology developments," added Bees. "We are proud of what we have achieved in our first ten years and look forward to taking the next step in the journey towards a technology agnostic smart home." For more information about HGI or to view a number of smart home demos, visit Stand H12 at Broadband World Forum. www.homegatewayinitiative.org

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