Karma-AV introduces Optimal Speaker Design to UK market

Audio Gear Group (AGG) is presenting its OSD BLACK and OSD AUDIO lines of architectural speakers to the the UK market through main UK distributor, Karma-AV.

The OSD BLACK range will be represented through Karma-AV, while the OSD AUDIO line will be managed by both Karma-AV and sub-distributor ALLTRADE.

Top of its range, The OSD BLACK line includes architectural speakers, on-wall theatre speakers, outdoor speakers, multi-channel amplifiers, 100V products, and integration accessories. 

OSD AUDIO, AGG’s highest value-for-money range, is available to the UK market through distributor ALLTRADE.

“When tight budgets bear down on design choices OSD’s comprehensive BLACK and AUDIO alternatives will prove to be a great option,” commented Ian Severs from Karma-AV. “We’re confident that even in a congested market there’s an unanswered demand that OSD can satisfy.”

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