Yamaha Debuts the SRT-1000 Sound Base with Built-In 8 Sound-Beam System

Soundbar is one of Yamaha’s most important categories, but more recently we have found that there is so much more to enhancing or even re...

Soundbar is one of Yamaha’s most important categories, but more recently we have found that there is so much more to enhancing or even replacing your TV’s sound, from our compact NX-B55 Bluetooth system right up to the YSP-4300 surround soundbar there is a wide variety of choice from the Yamaha range of TV peripherals. It is therefore with great pleasure that we would like to introduce you to the new SRT-1000, Yamaha’s first soundbase product. 
The SRT-1000 comes with a great degree of flexibility, it features 2 Optical connections, 1 Coaxial, 1 stereo RCA and has a Subwoofer output. This means that no matter what your TV setup at home, we can connect to it. The unit itself is extremely sturdy and is designed to support TV sizes up to 55”. It will also learn from your remote control, meaning you can simply plug in, teach the unit your power on/off and volume up/down and forget what life used to be like without premium quality sound enhancement for TV, Sports and Movies. As to be expected, the SRT-1000 features a set of unique and useful Yamaha technologies built in. As one example, which is similar to our YSP-1400 soundbar, an 8 sound-beam system is utilised which bounces said beams around your room to give you a true surround sound experience, up to 5.1 channels. It’s based on our Intellibeam technology from our higher end soundbars, but refined to be more affordable and accessible. This soundbase is ready for the future, and features app control with our HT Controller app. The app allows you to switch inputs, control subwoofer levels, adjust DSP and more importantly calibrate your SRT-1000 by dragging your finger around the app’s control interface. The app works using Bluetooth connectivity, so while controlling the SRT-1000 you can also stream music to it from your Bluetooth enabled device. It’s available for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store so be sure to download it and start enjoying all the best features! Even though the SRT-1000 has the capability to connect an external subwoofer, you probably won’t need to as inside the soundbase itself is a pair of subs with independent bass reflex ports. These ports have been specifically designed to reduce unwanted resonance by facilitating a smooth flow of air, while taking into consideration the strength of the ports themselves. The overall result is a deep, rich and clear bass that will be difficult to compete with! The SRT-1000 will be available in late Summer 2014 and will have an SRP of £499.95. uk.yamaha.com

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