Yamaha Launches New MusicCast Wireless Audio System

Yamaha have had a huge number of successful launches over the years: in 1986 the DSP-1 was launched, the world’s first home cinema surrou...

Yamaha have had a huge number of successful launches over the years: in 1986 the DSP-1 was launched, the world’s first home cinema surround processor. Fast forward to 2003 and the world’s first network audio system was launched by Yamaha, then in 2004 the YSP-1 was launched, the world’s first incarnation of the modern soundbar which we know and love today. In 2015, the next reboot and rebirth of the MusicCast brand will arrive from Yamaha. This time, with a whole new twist on the concept of network audio and how easy it should be to stream not just your music collection but all the sound in the home. The new MusicCast line-up features over 25 new products including all of Yamaha’s networked AVRs from the RXV-79 and RXA-50 series. Not only this but there will be wireless speakers, soundbars, soundbases, active HiFi Speakers, Component systems, traditional 2ch HiFi and many more products coming over the next few years. MusicCast enables you to think beyond just a music collection, the system can share audio streams all over the network from any available input. Imagine sending the audio from your HDMI socket on a soundbar over to a wireless speaker, or sending the DAB radio from your lifestyle system over to your soundbase. All MusicCast devices also feature WiFi and Bluetooth on board as well as hi-res audio support across the entire range. With yet another nifty trick up it’s sleeve, the MusicCast system can use the Bluetooth chip on board to receive audio streams but also send them out to another Bluetooth speaker or headphones, allowing products outside the MusicCast system to get involved. To control the system you’d use the MusicCast app, free for iOS and Android. Edit rooms, link sources together and control your system in a slick and intuitive interface. This app has been developed in house with a team of dedicated designers and engineers to give users the best possible enjoyment when using it. As part of the product line-up there will also be a Dolby Atmos and DTS:X enabled flagship soundbar coming after IFA this year, the world’s first object based audio enabled soundbar to market. This soundbar features 44 speakers on board including some angled upfiring speakers that will use our sound beam technology to give height to sound never before heard from a soundbar. If you’d like some more information on Yamaha and MusicCast, please feel free to contact them on 01908 366 700 or email sales.support@gmx.yamaha.com www.uk.yamaha.com

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