Zigbee Alliance welcomes Tuya to board of directors

IoT platform provider, Tuya, is the latest company to join the Zigbee Alliance board of directors and will be a key promoter of the Connected Home over IP project.

A global company, Tuya has headquarters in the US, Germany, India, Japan and China, and helps consumer electronics brands to add IoT control and connectivity to almost any electronic device for smart control and monitoring. 

“It’s important at Tuya to have roots in many regions around the world so we can maximise global collaboration and efficiency,” commented Alex Yang, co-founder and COO of Tuya. 

“Being part of the Zigbee Alliance board of directors aligns with our commitment to help power platforms and build IoT systems effortlessly at any point on earth, and gives us the opportunity to work alongside other insightful companies setting the future course of the Internet of Things. 

“After joining the board of directors, Tuya will be continuously dedicated to promoting Zigbee Alliance standard within diverse product solutions to offer more options in global smart home markets.”

Serving more than 180,000 partners in over 190 countries to power categories including lighting, appliances, environmental equipment and surveillance systems, Tuya’s AI + Iot (AIoT) platforms are used to transform products into smart devices and systems. 

Tuya’s wireless modules integrate seamlessly into existing objects to instantly connect to the company’s cloud platform and the Tuya Smart application enables smart product control via mobile devices.

“Through the Alliance our members continually work to improve and build on leading IoT technologies to drive the market in the right direction and fuel interoperability for smarter products and a better end-user experience,” said Tobin Richardson, president and CEO of Zigbee Alliance. 

“Tuya brings a strong commitment to this mission and marks and important step forward for our members at an important turning point for our industry. Tuya’s global footprint and insight are a perfect complement and addition to our board and the global projects we have ahead of us.”

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