Third of UK employee’s want improved hybrid video conferencing tech

Research released from Owl Labs, of over 2,000 full time employees, suggests that businesses need to improve their technology to retain and recruit top talent.

While the possibility of an office metaverse may seem a distant possibility, levelling up video conferencing tools can be an immediate first step to make online meetings more engaging, with nearly a third (32%) of employees saying there was room for video conferencing improvement. 

The top tech that employees were keen to adopt in their company include: 

· improved video conferencing tech (32%)
· an office metaverse (27%)
· virtual reality (18%)
· augmented reality (12%)
· holograms or avatars (10%)

Other findings include:

· 65% of UK employees would take a pay cut for a four-day work week
· The 'Great Resignation' is not over: 1 in 4 UK employees are actively seeking a new opportunity in 2022
· Over a third (37%) of UK employees would decline a job if flexible hours are not offered to them
· Companies have already introduced forward looking work benefits: 14% introduced a four-day work week, 26% introduced flexible working hours
· However, 47% of employees believe that proximity bias exists in the workplace

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