AdaptEco grows interoperable ecosystem through partners

AdaptEco has announced further growth of its interoperable ecosystem through two of its principal digital care partners, IPBuilding and ProKNX.

ProKNX’s offline smart home assistant, Aragon, is compatible with the hardware of IPBuilding, provider of smart assisted living solutions, following a recent series of tests.

“The interoperability of our digital care partners is essential and forms the basis of our bespoke digital care ecosystems,” said Christian Geisselmann, CEO and founder of AdaptEco. “It means we can provide seamlessly integrated solutions delivering an end-to-end service designed to enable independent living.

“When the systems we carefully curate are combined, operators and service users benefit from a ‘one system approach’. We ensure smooth integration and manage our partners so that AdaptEco is the single point of contact for our clients.”

Christian Kiefel, CEO of ProKNX added: “We are extremely pleased that our speaker, Aragon, functions seamlessly with the IPBuilding platform. Our goal, first and foremost, has always been to create a device that is compatible with as many systems as possible. Interoperability is the key to the increased adoption of smart technology by the wider public. It is essential for the future success of the market that both individuals and companies are not locked in to one single smart system or solution by their initial choice of intelligent technology.”

IPBuilding’s technical sales and solutions director, Wim Rogghé said: “Because IPBuilding is an open, IP-based system, it is very easy for us to implement third party hardware such as the ProKNX solution. Both systems are open source and speak the same language, therefore the compatibility comes down to the software development. Having a research and development team in-house means we have the flexibility to make this happen.

“Looking ahead as an AdaptEco principal partner, the latest solutions will all be network (IP) based, which means they can be easily integrated with the IPBuilding platform. We can create interoperable and unique digital ecosystems which meet assisted living requirements today, and in the future.”

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