Alexa’s new Care Hub looks out for loved ones

Alexa Care Hub
Image: Amazon Alexa Care Hub

A new feature created by Amazon allows Alexa users to keep tabs on their loved ones from a distance.

Care Hub is a new Alexa feature that allows users to unobtrusively check in on elderly relatives who have an Echo device. Particularly useful now, users can ensure their family members are safe without having to see them and risk spreading the coronavirus. 

Using the Alexa app, users can check the activity feed to keep an eye on their relative’s activity. Organised by category, for example entertainment, the user will not be able to see any details of what they have said or listened to but only that they have listened to music. 

Notifications can also be set up to alert of no activity and also the first interaction every day to give a sense of reassurance while allowing them to keep their independence and privacy. 

To ensure their safety, the relative can say “Alexa, call for help” and the Alexa app will notify you to allow you to check up on them or call emergency services. 
Currently, the Care Hub has only been made available in the US. It is unclear if this will eventually be rolled out in Europe and other places.