Bemco introduces new KNX Panel Building course

A UK independent electrical wholesaler and specialist in smart home technology has added a new KNX Panel Building course to its extensive range of KNX training courses for smart home installers.

Bemco’s new one-day course will cover the process of how to build a KNX board, including the assembly of DIN rail KNX components and switches into an enclosure, wiring schematics, cabling and the creation of lighting circuits, and output connections.

“The world of the professional electrician and aspiring smart home installer is changing,” said Julian Barkes, managing director at Bemco. “Today, there are so many different systems and technologies that can be connected into the modern smart home. Bringing it all together can be painstaking and complicated.

“HVAC, lighting, blinds, and security systems can now all be brought onto a single control platform, by using KNX, to create a genuinely smart home. KNX technology allows installers to create a reliable and robust system that can be quickly accessed, understood and operated by the client.”

Bemco also hold other KNX in-person sessions, including KNX Basic Partner and Advanced Partner courses, together with a KNX Refresher and specialist HVAC training, all presented by reowned KNX experts at its London KNX Training Centre.

KNX Panel Building costs £35 plus VAT and will be held next on 6 April 2022 at Bemco’s London KNX Training Centre. Places on the course can be booked here.


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