CUK Group signs distribution deal with SIM2

AV distributor, CUK Group has announced a new partnership with SIM2 to distribute its range of cinema projectors to integrators in the UK and Ireland.

Italian company, SIM2 produces a range of home cinema projectors with high dynamic range that, according to the company, is the ‘real revolution in video imaging and home cinema performance’.

The product range offered by CUK will include the advanced Domino 4H projector (pictured), which delivers SIM2’s superlative technologies and performance for small/mid home cinemas and media rooms. The projector combines SIM2’s laser hybrid light source technology (up to 3,000 ANSI Lumens) and single-chip 0.66-in 4K UHD DMD with proprietary HDR management for precise HDR image reproduction.

As well as the Domino 4H, CUK will also have the versatile Domino DTVs Ultra-Short-Throw projector available. It is powered by a pure RGB laser technology and delivers 98% coverage of the BT.2020 gamut using tri-colour laser TV to reproduce natural displays from 90-120-in.

CUK will also be distributing SIM2’s middle/high-end product, the ‘SuperHybrid’ Crystal 4SH. SIM2’s latest laser-hybrid light source front projector features a new high-precision lens and laser-hybrid light source, single-chip 0.66-in 4K UHD DMD with dual colour wheels and its latest processing technology, including advanced auto-calibration features. The Crystal 4SH has high brightness up to 3,600 lumens and high contrast to give an immersive HDR performance.

SIM2’s Gold Series of custom-made projectors will also be available from CUK. Built using hand-selected components and created for individual projects, the Gold Series is produced ‘off line’ for each customer by trained engineers and then factory tested and calibrated in an environment that simulates the individual customer’s theatre. Available in two versions, the Nero 4S Gold Series is designed for large cinema rooms and the most demanding cinema enthusiasts, delivering up to 6,000 lumens of brightness, while the Crystal 4SH Gold Series is intended for mid/large screen size theatres and living rooms, with 4,000 lumens of brightness.


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