Jeffreys Interiors integrates tech and aesthetics with Bluesound

Jefferys Interiors, an Edinburgh-based design house, partnered with Edinburgh integrator IDES to equip its showroom with Bluesound’s Pulse M wireless speakers.

The Pulse M provides a musical backdrop for the showroom on a day to day basis, as well as some livelier events when required, all with a simple operation from the BluOS 4.0 Controller on the showroom iPad.

This Edinburgh-based design house has infused sound and lighting into their interiors, showing how homeowners can take full control of the mood and atmosphere in their living spaces. For instance, unnecessary energy consumption can be reduced by using a direct voice connection to program and adjust smart thermostats and energy-efficient lighting, which allows for the monitoring of different source components and their levels of consumption.

Jefferys Interiors is on a mission to show that smart technology can blend seamlessly into home designs, adding a fresh dimension to interiors. This process was facilitated by the user-friendly interface and flexibility provided by the Pulse M, allowing the designers to experiment with a variety of tech needs.

For Jeffreys Interiors flexibility was of the utmost importance. It also required a smart system interface that could harmonise with the sophisticated design of avant-garde homes. Kimberley Bremmer, lead interior designer at Jeffreys, choose Bluesound and the Pulse M as: “It can easily be integrated with a control system that enables each user to control several aspects of their homes, from setting timers while away, from curtains and heating to music, lighting and TV. All of which can be linked into one easy-to-use interface.”

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