KNX ranked top communication protocol by industry professionals

KNX is the top communication protocol / ecosystem that industry professionals think of and regularly specify in projects, according to the HiddenWires Market Research survey launched in September.

The survey, which looked at the state of the smart home industry across EMEA, found that 75% of respondents are aware of KNX and 63% specify the protocol on a regular basis in their projects.

Wi-Fi took second place with 71% aware of the protocol and 53% working with Wi-Fi as the main ecosystem. 64% of people are aware of Bluetooth, while just 31% use it in their projects. Zigbee was fourth most popular with 54% aware of the protocol but just 21% working with it on a regular basis in projects.

Other protocols used and specified, listed by the industry professionals who took the survey, included Apple, Z-Wave, Loxone, EnOcean, Amazon, BACNet, Samsung, Control4, Huawei, and other proprietary ecosystems.

A full report of the HiddenWires Market Research survey will be published in the Winter issue of the magazine.

Image: mangpor2004 / Shutterstock