L-Acoustics at EI Live to demonstrate audio for home installation

L-Acoustics Creations will be at stand 84, EI Live 2023 at Farnborough Exhibition Centre, UK, on September 13-14.

The new Soka loudspeaker be at stand 84 and features a more compact design than the Syva model with same collinear resource and wavefront sculpture technology.

At 99mm wide, 99mm deep, and just over 1m tall, Soka unites nine 3.5in MF drivers and three 1-in HF diaphragm compression drivers in a colinear configuration that uses the same constructive interference physics of a line array design. The result is a compact loudspeaker with high SPL capability (124dB / 60Hz-20kHz) and a wide dispersion pattern.

Also on display at EI Live is the Fiji 5.1 which comprises of five X4i coaxial speakers for point-source precision and a SB10i subwoofer. The system can be fixed or wall-mounted as standard, or integrated into the architecture of the room with the new X4r and SB10r in-wall versions. The system will be driven at EI Live! by a pair of L-Acoustics LA2Xi amplified controllers, each capable of driving four, two or a single channel.

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