Linn announces collaboration with Wisdom Audio

Linn Products has announced a new collaboration with Wisdom Audio to provide whole-home audio solutions.

 Linn Whole Home is its home audio solution for CI, compatible with Crestron and Control 4 for s integration into smart homes. This collaboration will see Linn recommend Wisdom's latest Insight ICI6 in-ceiling speakers and IA-8, 8-channel power amplifier as part of their Linn Whole Home offering for custom installation. This partnership will integrate Linn's network music players to deliver audio throughout every room of the home.

Steve Croft, head of Linn CI sales, said: "By combining our world-leading products with a shared commitment to incredible sound quality, this collaboration enables our integrators to tailor high-end solutions for discerning listeners. Together, we can provide the ultimate audio experience for music, movies and gaming.

Luc Guillaume, managing director of Wisdom Audio, said: "Their reputation for design and performance is second-to-none. By merging Linn electronics with our hidden architectural speakers, we can deliver phenomenal audio akin to free-standing speakers but in a sleek and integrated package."

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